Protrade Canada is designed to meet the cleaning and maintenance requirements of small businesses as well as large enterprises while at the same time offering an ideal location for last minute needs. Protrade Canada is the place where maintenance professionals will find all the supplies they need to clean industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Protrade Canada offers an incredible choice of quality products and the expertise to answer all your questions. You can rely on Protrade Canada’s professional advice to solve all your cleaning problems and help you complete your jobs impeccably and safely.

Disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning have never been more important than they are in today's environment. Although always necessary, Covid-19 has made it even more important that we disinfect high touch point surfaces, wash our hands regularly and use hand sanitizer in-between washings or where washing is not an option. As we navigate through these uncertain times what is evident is that these practices will continue far into the future so we may continue to mange this pandemic and future challenges.

Protrade's offers a wide range of DIN registered disinfectants, hand sanitizers that are NPN approved for both home, office, healthcare and industrial applications and are recommended by Health Canada to be effective against the Coronavirus.